1st view from Brazil!

Welcome Brazilia! Great to have my first visit from the beautiful South American continent.

Went to Moncton yesterday. Visited the Chapters Indigo bookstore there. They have a population of around 122 000 people. In going in the store, I met with the regional manager there. I asked about placing a few books there. Something that I should have done a long time ago. This guy was new, younger, and did not offer me as much as the older guy I met several months ago. I am unsure if they changed workers, or what the story was. The first gentleman offered me a book signing, and everything he could possibly do for me. I did not want to go with the book  signing, as I heard that those things do not actually help much in selling your books. So, I waived that option. I would do a book signing, if the book, ever became popular. But it is far from that. It may never attain that. Just that it is the bare facts.

This gentleman was kind enough though, to let me try to sell a few books at that store. This would indeed, tell me the bare facts. He is giving me a 30 day trial. I find it, a little short. As, sales probably do occur in spurts. I would have liked to have at least a 6 month trial. The bookstore in my area did not give me any time limits whatsoever, and were very kind to me. I also supported them though, by buying allot of my books from them. There, I sold in a month, 80 % of my books. Now, the sales have slowed down considerably, at this Bathurst book store as well. But, at least they are in for a good haul. Perhaps he could extend it another month, with a little polite arm twisting... Maybe.

And, probably my efforts are futile. As, when you walk into a Chapters Indigo store, there is wall to wall books. Popular, with big money advertising attached to them. My book is the dark horse, or the pale horse.. The odds are extremely high against it. How will, or can, my book stand out. I am not very optimistic, to this trail of 30 days. I will go down again, maybe, to check on where it is positioned in the store. Very important. But, we will see, how it goes. By putting books in this store, it nowhere helps me one iota. Gas to go down there is 50 dollars. It makes, absolutely no economic sense. But, on the other side of the coin, it will give me an idea of how much I can sell when a large volume of book starved people go into a Mega Store like this. Very important, as high traffic, is there, as it is indeed representative of any bookstore located in Canada, or the United States, England, or anywhere in the world. Representative. A litmus test.. Finally... I hope you have a good night, will talk more tomorrow.  Till then...


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