18 followers on twitter.

My twitter is exploding. 18 followers, just in a few days. I am following 80 or so. Wow. I have to slow down, and not follow so many people. It is impossible to follow that many, as one tweeting site was tweeting 10 messages every few minutes. I could not keep up.

I do understand, however, how some professionals love twitter. 140 characters, simple and short. That is it. And, they tweet about where they are going, what they like, and other things that do not need heavy explanation. It is a great social networking site. So far.

I wonder if it will last. I wonder, if it will overtake the other forms of internet communication, like Bloggers, or even Facebook. This is a very interesting time we are living in. I personally, like the blogging, better than the tweeting but this could change any time, if it works better than the blog. I believe I am, getting more exposure to people on the twitter than this blog. This blog, in my opinion, did have a good effect in increasing viewership from around the world. It just did it slowly. I had for the first few months, 40 views, down to 20, back to 55, then upwards to the 120s, then up now to the 185 or so per month. Twitter, on the other hand, has giving me 18 just in a few days. Twitter may push my viewership up faster, than this blog ever could or would. I am interested to see just how, it may overtake this blog in giving me the exposure I need for my book...

Besides that, not much new... The book is, same ole, same ole... Have a great night,  till then..


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