If my book has produced one smile, then my life has produced a worthy mile!

15 cm of snow overnight. Will be shoveling in the morning. The snow mobilers will be in full force, enjoying the trails later on in the day. They say it is over a hundred million dollar industry for the province, so far. And, the trails have only been good up north. This is the hotels, gasoline, food, and trail passes and shopping that comes with the people who travel far enough from Atlantic Canada, New England, or even California. So I have heard, even as far as California.

Besides that, not much news on the book. The first draft will be here in two weeks, approximately. I am looking forward to it, but not looking forward to reading over and correcting it, yet again. This time, there is less chat between me and my publisher. I would say the chat is cut down, by 70 %. As, now I am somewhat of a seasoned veteran of the print on demand business. I am not as afraid as what I first was, at doing this.

My first fear, was actually dealing internationally with a company outside of Canada. That has subsided greatly, now. Second, was that the price of the book would be too high. My corrections, would have been too high. This, has all gone by the wayside. I feared I would be charged shipping, or even caught with copies in the warehouse. This is what you think of, when you have never done business before, like myself. It comes back into the mind, as you think, just maybe the books could be returned. It is print on demand, man! I had to reassure myself. Then, what if people did not like the book. But, the people I spoke to so far, seemed to enjoy it and even laugh in my face when talking about it.

Some other things I did not know that I do know now...  To convert to Barnes and noble nook, and Apple I pad, I have to pay for another 150 dollars approx. Something I thought was already done at the time I bought the package, as it is already for the kindle as soon as it is created. I just did not know all these different formats existed. Several months went by, before conversion. What is the most important thing that I do know, is that it may not sell. I did this part two, for personal satisfaction only. How can I explain it. Just to have it said, when I turn 75, that I did create something. That, I made two books (That may not have sold hardly at all), but that is out there on the market. And, I am sure, somewhere out there, someone likes something about the book.. Whether it is the cover, or a story that lies inside of it.

No, most certainly I know allot more about the pricing schemes. I know more about the industry as well. It cut down significantly on the chatter between me and Dog Ear. Dealing with the same people, and they did create a great product. If it produces one smile, then my life has produced a worthy mile.. Till then...


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