I have noticed something in my Book Contest!

I have noticed, something in my book contest on Goodreads!

That over 82 % of contestants thus far have under 30 friends. Allot are newcomers, possibly 24 % from that number for certain.

This tells me that, the majority of contestants that joined the contest, are not the established Goodreads folks of many years gone by. Yet, approx. 18 % of them are. Unless the sites demographics represent approximately the same numbers, or, allot of the established Goodreads people who have 100s of friends with 100s of books on their plate, are too busy to join a contest. And, true enough, allot of them do have many stacks upon stacks of books to read. I am friends with a few Goodreads veterans, who do have an extraordinary list of Books To Read.

Very interesting results, and to remember as how coincidental it was that I too, started off with not many friends. Strange how some of the loners (Not all), are supporting the loner. Spending time on goodreads, will definitely bring you more friends in good time. But, some people do like the loner life, and that is fine too.

Interesting, and as time goes by, it will be more interesting, on the numbers and such. Till next time...


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