Visited local art festival.

The weather was beautiful here in Northern NB. The sun was out, and there was just a enough wind to keep the mosquitos at bay. We traveled to Caraquet, for their annual Art Festival. In french, it is called "Festival Des Arts Visuels en Atlantic"

There are some interesting local art from the area, as well as throughout Atlantic Canada too. We went into the Carrefour de le Mer, to walk through an exposition of painters centered in the large building, who were showcasing their painting talents. Some traditional, some abstract art, and each and every artist does have a unique flair to their paintings.

You could bid on a painting that takes your fascination to the limit, if you liked. We purchased one next day, by a famous painter in the area. It was actually on the wall at one of the local restaurants, along the bay. Later on in the festivals duration, there are activities for children, and many other different events. You will find workshops, and artists painting within restaurants in the area. Here is a link:

They say that a painting is worth so much a square inch, or cm. It truly all depends on the style, the brushstroke, and the intensity of the movement of the inner experience you take away from the portrait. It is sometimes hard for the average person, to judge the value of a painting, but it is more along the style and the intensity that determines value. Everyone has their own impressions on this, thing called value, but some people will pay any price to get something that they find dear to their hearts and minds. Sometimes, that is what art is all about.

I would like to see the same thing done for books. A market, or even a stock market, for books by all artists. A writer, is he not, an artist too? I would think so, and many other people would think so. As, it is an art to write a book. The first editions, should be worth something, sometime, somewhere.

Have a great afternoon, till next time...


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