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Twitter is an interesting media format.

Twitter is an interesting media format. It is fun, and versatile, if you know how to use it. I am still learning.

In my opinion, at 1142 followers, and following probably 1240 approx people, it does bring to light allot of news tidbits and information. Probably allot of fishing as well as everywhere else, or misinformation too. Allot of sales pitches come up for services and products ranging from advertising firms, real estate, to hair salons.

I am now trying to interact with some of my twitter followers. Out of the approximately 30 that I did try to interact with, I may have gotten 3 to 4 replies. One fellow said he would buy one of my books, that he did find the press release that I had attached very intriguing.

Up to now, I must admit, my twitter strategy has failed me. It is either my product is not up to snuff, or that people are too busy on twitter selling their own products, that they do not have time for me, or anyone else. Or my ads are not buzzing enough attention.

But as discussed earlier, we have to remember, I have only 1142 followers. I do not know what will happen at 5000, or 50 000 followers. Up to this point though, I am not sure I am getting the benefit for the amount of tweets I am putting up there. And, the time. Then again, it probably all depends on your sale pitch, and your product line. Don't get me wrong, not all people are selling stuff on twitter. But, I would say, a great deal of them are.

Once again, the speed of the tweet. How long does it stay up on a board, like on Lady Gagas channel. Well, it would seem it would stay up on the top for 20 seconds, maybe. Around that. I think you may have better success at checking the speed of tweets being bumped from view, from other channels, and look for one where your tweet can get a great view. The time it stays up at the top. What is the optimum? It all makes for a very, interesting, process at times.

It does seem also, that some people are on twitter 24 hrs a day. How could this be possible, without computer programs buzzing or churning out, the same old tweets over and over again. Sure, I got this bad habit too, with my own advertising, as a good slogan should be used, in different channels. Just that when you follow someone, you get their slogans a few times over. Sometimes we see the same slogan from some tweeters, the next few days over.

Twitter should be revamped to allow the following.

1. Provide its own way of searching for followers and the people who had just stopped following you. Some people just follow you to only grow their lists, then bump you off. Many people only follow to get a follow back. You see this advertised many times around, daily.

2. Ability to create special lists for yourself, of different groups of people. Not just put them all in one followers group. Different lists of followers, to put stars in a group, family, friends, business, ect.

3. Place a page just for your friend tweets, away from the Generalized tweeting area. Maybe a private tweet page would not be a bad thing.

4. When people connect to you or mention you, you should have a pop up come up indicating so. Is there something I am missing on the program. Perhaps it already does this....

But, what do I know...

That is it for now, but other things will come into my mind later about twitter. Maybe you can do all this now, with special programs that I do not know anything about.. Especially the follower weeding thing, point # 1.

Besides that, nothing new on the book front. Till next time...


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Have a supermarket kind of day...