Thanks "Hull Phones"

Did a little bit of a tiny blog on "Jump tags" awhile back, way back in December.

Thanks "Hull Phones" for the comment under the "Jump Tag" blog, as he said he found the link about the book from Google on a "Jump Tag", and mentioned to me that the book must be good... The "Jump Tag" led him to the book. Interesting. I do not truly understand the Jump Tag phenomenon, but they are there for people to bookmark contacts, media, new products, and provide RSS feed. It also has a skype capability for use, as well. I found around 9 jump tags for my book, on at least one Jump Tag site. The one with the cute little frog on it. Is that the only site for Tags?

It is going to be plus 22 C today, with a little chance of rain in the afternoon for Northern NB. The rest of the week is looking good. Sun for the rest of the week, way past the weekend. Usually the long term forecast is, off the mark though.

I need the rain for my brown grass growing out front... I still cannot think of the thought of pouring beer on it, to help it grow... Have a good morning, till next time...


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