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Put in my own Garden on the 21st of June??

I put in my own garden just the other day. It is approximately a 8 by 8 box, made of ceder planks. The ceder is 6 by 2 inch material, nailed at the ends. I done this on June 21st, a late date by my fathers wisdom. I found some plants, still left over at the greenhouse. I had found some beans, brussel sprouts, tomato, cucumber, zucchini and shard. They were all grown in the greenhouses, and available here. Mind you, I had to go find a greenhouse that had little traffic to it. I found one, on a back road, where some people may have had a hard time from the City to locate. These are plants that are up about 2 to 3 inches from the small containers they came from. The zucchini was a huge plant. My tomatoes are about 7 inches high, but you can buy them a few feet high at these greenhouses, with tomatoes already on them. It will cost more, as we all know.

The nice functionality about this garden, is that you can use every ounce of space you can. There are no drills to walk in between of. I was wondering if a person used allot of these 8 by 8 ft boxes, if you would gain in planting area over a regularly tilled garden. This is up to the experts to decide, but for a small garden owner, I can see some benefits. Since the soil is 5 inches or so in height throughout the box, you have a soft bed of soil. It is perhaps, easier to weed and to till at the end of the year when the season is over. During the season, you do have to kneel over quite a bit to weed the garden, though. But if it is well tilled at the beginning of the year (using a hoe or mantis tiller), you can be free of weeds for quite a few weeks.

I personally use no pesticides on my gardens. This year I was unsure as to plant a garden, as the area I had tilled became over come with weeds. I got tired of the idea of hauling my fathers tiller, back and forth from his house to mine. What it takes here, is a big tiller. A tiller that can break new ground. My dads tiller is a light duty one, while it does the job great for an existing garden, it is not the best for the use I need.

Well, that is how I planted my garden on the 21st of June. The first day of summer was yesterday. I need to water it now, as the sun has been intense here in the past week. We had a good June up to this point, and those who visited us from different areas of the world were lucky to find such great weather.

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