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Put in 90 % of Dads Garden today.

June 8th, today, I put in some of my fathers garden. 6 drills of beans, 1 drill of cucumber, 2 drills of onions, and a drill of beets. All is left, is just to put in some tomatoes. It is a 80 feet by 15 feet garden, approximately. Mixing in 3 bags of shrimp compost, into the soil, to give it a boost. The tiller churned it all into the brown soil, masking the dark soil color as if it never was added. For our short growing season, all of these seeds are of the 55 day to 60 day growth period. In early to mid August, if the weather co operates, it all should flourish alright. This was all done in the evening, as the wind was cooler. I did not break a sweat, as the heat from the day we had was partly covered by oncoming clouds. Very happy that it was overcast at the time. The only thing was that the mosquitoes came out during a brief period, but I kept moving and the wind picked up, which eventually took them away from my gardening area. The bean pods an inch deep, and 4 inches apart. Dig a trench with the back of my hoe, then drop them in, then quickly cover and away I go again. Fast enough, but you can buy little planters out there to get the job done fast as well.

If one thing, I took a gamble on the cucumber seeds. On the back of the package, it said to plant them 6 weeks before planting time, when the frost is over. I hope it may go alright, as the cucumbers will be smaller, but like dill pickles. If they are small, that is alright too, as Dad likes them that way with a little vinegar, salt and pepper sliced up.

The Scotia tomatoes are the next purchase for his garden. I may buy some other vegetable to finish up the other row, for for the instant the tomatoes are the main focus. I need once again, a 60 day growth period. Last year, they did not come at all. It could have been all of the rain we got, or the colder summer we had. It also could have been a poor quality batch of tomato plants.

I know that also last year, the beans did not come like in years before. This has been happening for a few years now, so I switched back to the MacKenzie brand of seeds. We never had problems with those seeds, and usually 95 % are successful and make full drills of vegetable plants.

Tomorrow it is going to rain, and as I was at my real job working this week, I am happy that I got a chance to put in most of the garden. I was worried I would have put it in around the 12 or so, which Dad says it is alright to do to. But, it gives me another 4 days to be safe, as to not to let the garden grow that much longer in August.
The rain did come, as the clouds got darker out in the sky towards the west. Having finished my last drill, the rain gently dropped down from the sky. Just making it in the house, the rain really began to pour down. I was wondering, if I would get it all done before the rain came.

Besides that, no news on the book. I am not convinced that twitter is what it is cracked up to be, for to buster up sales. Maybe it works great for other products, or other advertisers who know how to advertise. I cannot say that it helped my brand, or my sales yet. But, I have only a 1100 followers. Maybe that is the reason. I should not give up yet, I suppose.. Have a great night, till next time..


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