Part 2 is not as widely known as Part 1

I did not advertise Part 2, too much to my friends this time. They do know about it, but it does not do me much good to just sell it to them. Some of them were free copies, of the first series. It does not help my Amazon ranking, and it does not get me any reviews.

I did not even place it in the local bookstore near here. They would definitely accept them, as they just about sold out of Part 1. I will probably stock some there, soon enough, as I should have one outlet to sell around the area. But as I have said in blogs gone by, selling on consignment in my opinion, is for the birds. Maybe it would work well if you lived in a populous area, but living in a rural area and having to burn a tank of gas to get to a big book store, does not make sense.

This time, I will force my friends to buy it on the internet. It could drive up my rankings a little (not a whole lot), and get me a few reviews on the book. They do tell me they like the book in person, which is great, but if it is not on the net, then it probably does not go as far as what it could.

I may have a world wide contest this coming week, when I get the chance. Since having 200 hits on this site, and only giving out 3 books over a period of 2 days (the contest was an 6 hrs long), I probably will just do it worldwide to see what happens this time.

I had a similar contest a week or two ahead of this one, and had only 2 winners. With approximately the same number of hits, 200.

With a worldwide contest, I think the books will definitely go somewhere. The two first contests were only for residents of the USA and Canada.

To be quite honest, I am getting frustrated, big time, with the book business. It is never easy doing a task when you are alone, and it is just about pushing me to the brink of giving up publishing Part 3. I am almost there... 95 %, but what can you do. Your mind goes through the motions. I got over 4000 views on this site, I am on Goodreads, I advertise on Twitter everyday, I have press releases, I am on all of the internet book sites.. No, Maybe I am 99 % there in giving up on the book business. It totally, drains you when it is not successful at all. But, I always knew that failure was probably the greatest chance I had, at this business. Oh well...

Have a great day, till next time...


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