More studying of the Goodreads Giveaways!

I looked at similar contests for bigger name books, that just outpaced my own in contestants to win a free book.

Most of them have over a 100 contestants to 400 contestants, and only give away one free copy or up to 5. The huge majority of the lot. Although, probably one or two per page give 10 or 30 books away per contest.

This is analyzing the time frames on the first two pages, which blow my book away also, for the same time period. I have now 43 contestants to win 10 books, and it is rare but I did find a few other books with below 43 contestants.

It is interesting also, how allot of these contests take place with the release date in September. I did not know, you could start a contest before the book was even published. This can give an author a big push, to the front starting gate as well. Something, I was in the dark about.

Important reviews, discussion on your book, can come about with these contests. I wish I would have been more ready, with Part 1 than I was with Part 2. Have a great day, till next time..


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