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Have to Plan a Vacation.

I have to plan a vacation. It is, actually, sad to leave such a beautiful place in the summer months. The Bay of Chaleur, one of the most beautiful bays in the world...

Well, I will probably head to 1. Maine, Boston  or 2. Quebec, Levi, Jardin de Metis. For approximately a week or so.

Difficult decision to make. The Old Orchard beach, Portland, the outlet stores, and then the lovely panoramic New England seacoast. Or, the belle ambiance of the French Quebec atmosphere. The old city, and all of its cobble streets, its old buildings rich in history and such.

The only thing going for Maine right now, is that I never ventured further than Calais Maine. I went through St Stephen, just to get across the boarder one time. This was, indeed, the time when you just had to say hello to your boarder crossing guard. The good, ole, days.

Sadly enough, I think the episode of the armored car employee who shot his own employees, is a lesson for all of this high tech gadgetry. It was one from the inside, that robbed the armored car and did terrible damage to families who lost their loved ones.

Just think for a minute. This was, one from the inside that did the job. How can, anyone, prevent that. How? It is very hard to do.

Thus, the reason for the passports, scans at the airport, ect, is just a little maybe over done? I do agree with the Passports. They do show you are in a country for such and such a time, and reputable. Sure, I am in favor of x rays of the luggage and such. I am in favor of no fluids over a certain quantity, or none at all, in carry on luggage. But, have we gone overboard, in security checks. Body scans at the airport? I know this stopped me from taking the plane more often that what I could have. We all know it is a hassle.

I remember when I had to take off my shoes at the airport going to the USA. I was actually, not alright with that, but it did create a feeling of discomfort and humility. I lived in Canada all my life. But, I had to get on the plane to get where I was going. Why don't they just issue us shoes at the ticket counter ( like in a bowling alley), and put them on. You put your shoes in your luggage. You then only take off your bowling shoes once you get off the plane at your destination...

You are judged guilty, before even getting to the air planes doors. We all know this is the bare facts.

Is this the world we must live in? There must be better ways around this, as we cannot prevent no matter how hard we try, everything. What are we trying to prevent these days, everything?

I think the above example, goes to show that. They could have had security up the ying yang, but when one of their own jumps off the wagon, what can you do... It has more to do, with society as a whole. Finding out why people do these kind of terrible things. We need to make sure everyone feels, like a part of society.  Inclusion is the key. Till next time...


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Have a supermarket kind of day...