Goodreads Giveaway updates.

Goodreads giveaway, now has 39 people that has signed up for a chance of winning a book. I am advertising on twitter every so often, to try to help that number good. I gained none for a period of 18 or so hours, and then had to get back on the foghorn to get people aware of it again.

The contest gets further down the line, as new contests pop up. I am assuming that it goes down the list so far, and that maybe people do not go down that far to check it out..

Goodreads does offer advertising as well, for 500 dollars for advertising to an audience of 9 million people. I am unsure of all the details, but it could be a future step to try to put the word out.

Allot of rain here, in New Brunswick, in the past week. Totally opposite weather from two weeks ago. The rivers are swollen again, and the grass will be a little greener.

Have a great evening, till next time.


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