Gluten intolerance

Gluten intolerance, was the first time I heard about the problem that maybe 1 in 133 people suffer from, on the Dr. Oz show. I heard of the gluten free products before, vaguely on television, and just walking down the aisles of a large supermarket center. In these huge centers, you will find in the organic section, non gluten: breads, pasta, pudding, cereals, and sweets.

My mother suffers from osteoarthritis, and heard on the Dr. Oz show that it could be one of the symptoms for it. You can get a blood test, to determine if you have a gluten intolerance. The doctor has a check off sheet, where it is rarely tested for. On a blood test, there are many things, that you could test for. And many different sheets to boot. Usually a doctor will just test for what he thinks is wrong with you, but you could request a test for this also. Especially if you have stomach cramps, weakness, constipation, and diarrhea to name a few. Some of the symptoms are mild. The real name for this is Celiac Disease. Arthritis popped up as one of the possible, symptoms. But it really causes minerals and nutrients to not be absorbed by the body, thus creating a deficiency. Many people who have thyroid problems, have this disease. My mother has thyroid problems.

Of course, the gluten protein is found in bread, oats, and pasta to name a few. In order to get around this problem, we are trying a diet of gluten free products on my mother, to see if it will make a difference. The only thing she found that tasted funny from all the gluten free products we bought, was the bread. The bread tasted, a little fruity, and dense. But the rest of the gluten free stuff, tasted fine.

An association may exist between Celiac and inflammation in the joints. Scientists have found an increase in inflammation when people ate wheat and gluten. But, the scientists may have not come to a strong conclusion on the link. Future studies will finally iron it all out.

You can go to to check on this disease.  Have a good day,  till next time.


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