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A different strategy altogether for book awareness.

Awareness. It is something all authors need, to survive. People have to be aware of our product, that it is out there, on the beaten road. It is just getting passed over allot. How do you create that awareness? Especially when you do not possess the huge marketing dollars, of other entities.

I know I had my back to the wall a long time. Living in a small rural community, the odds are against me from making inroads into the larger markets. Small, rural, New Brunswick. If I had lived in New York, maybe things would have been much easier. Easier to reach large bookstores, and population. Being a new author, it is a tough journey. You have to start from zero. Then, you always wonder in the back of your mind, if your genre is up to what the public wants. Then, the experience level of it all. I have, zero experience, with selling a book. And you are afraid that if you do make that one mistake, people will remember it, and there is no going back. That is, with your style of advertising. Does it look too weak? Am I begging for people to take my book? Am I too aggressive? So far, I do not believe I went out on the sympathy note to sell a book. Nor, will I ever. Aggressive, well, we do need a little of that. Do we?

I do believe in the style of my book, yet I do believe there are a certain % of the population who would like the book, and a % who would not like the book. I am sure, all genres, from horror to comedy, to vampires to gunslingers, there is a place for it. How do you find that place, for a fictional comedy. Probably one of the toughest novels to sell, out there.

So, I talked to a young man on twitter the other day. He was 18 to 19, the range that could start the appeal for my wares. He looked like he liked to goof around and such. Perfect fit for my book! I asked him if he would take my book for free! This was just to get the word out in around, his age group. He replied he does not read. Allot of youth, probably does not read. True enough. It brought a realization, that it is going to be tougher than ever to sell this book.

This time around, I changed my strategy. More focus will be spent in different areas on the web, and then a real people to people marketing sometime in Maine. Not sure when, but it will be coming. Sometimes you have no choice but to change your sailing direction at sea, to deliver a better destination. Till next time...


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