Watched Will Ferrells show "Everything must go!"

We heard the songs about it. Country songs, Sammy Kershaw, "Yard Sale", and George Jones "Closing of the door".  This is when the other half leaves, without even recognizing you are alive. They lock up the doors, and you find everything gone. This happens quite often, in the journey in life. To our friends, and sometimes to ourselves.

"Everything must go", is one of those shows, where Will Ferrell as Nick Hasley loses his job mostly over his problem with alcohol. He finds his credit cards do not work,  and finds his furniture on the lawn as well, with the door locked into his home. His wife has left him as well, over his crazy behavior. His so called buddy, a police detective, gives him 5 days to get things in order and to leave the lawn. Do a yard sale.

In the time he sits around his lawn over these few days, he makes friends with a young boy on the street. Emptying beer cans becomes his passion. He also makes friends with a woman who is pregnant across the road, who he confides in. He tries to find something to hold onto in his past, as he checks out an old flame who had a crush on him in earlier life.

This show was a extreme low budget production. There are no fireworks, no spaceships buzzing around Pluto, and no lasers blasting from mega guns. This show, I would give it a 6.5 on 10. Will Ferrell does, actually show a part of his acting (the more serious part), very well. If given a different serious role, I am sure he could garner an Oscar. But, the show drags on. It is not totally surprising, and does not leave you with that "Ahhh" moment. But, it does portray a part of life where many people go through, tough times. And, they are no where near fun. Just to get a restart, a new job, is a tough job in todays economy. I feel for this guy.

Besides that, not much new on the book front. I got 162 friends on twitter. It grows by 5 a day, approximately.  Have a good day,  till next time at the theatre..


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