Neighbor blew out the driveway

The neighbor blew out the driveway this morning. Around 10 cm of snow today. I blew his out last week, when we had a foot of snow. So he repaid half of the favor ; )

I think he knew I was sick as there was not much action around the house. I went out to tell him that I was indeed sick, but he did not need to blow that today. I feel alright to do the gate. The temperature should be plus 1 today, and will be milder this week into the 8 C or 10 C range. The snow will begin to melt in Northern New Brunswick.

The maple syrup camps will be in full force too, and they do have brunches all you can eat for 12 or so dollars at some locations. This takes in maple syrup, pancakes, eggs, ham, bacon, sausage, ect. These camps are usually full after church.

Besides my cough, as I have said, calm in the morning. Usually more coughing in the afternoon, as I found this time at night I was coughing a fair bit. But the cough has got less and less over time. It is hard to beat. I continue taking my medication, and have only 2 days left of the pill the doctor gave. The puffers are there and I continue to take them until it goes away pretty good. Well, time to go. I hope you all have a great day. Till then.


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