Worst winter storm in awhile

About a foot and a half of snow in the yard. This is the worst winter storm we had this year, for snowfall amounts. I say that, because freezing rain is a pain in the butt. I cannot say it is the worst, as we had one morning with allot of freezing rain, but for snowfall amount, it was the worst. I should have been a politician.

Well, will have to take old Piney out to blow it today. Try to blow it somewheres. Today was the curl for cancer event, and I was going to go. Just that, I did not take part in a team this year, and then I was tired, and had to blow this gate and my Dads gate as well. Takes an hour for each gate to blow, with my little put put.

Today I will call the book gallery here in Bathurst. They phoned, for something. Maybe I sold out on books again, but I think it is because that I purchased a rare book there today. Lisette Brodey, and Crooked Moon. I bought it since she was a friend of mine, on goodreads. I am now in the habit of buying books from my friends. I think that is a good habit to get into... What do you guys think?  Thought for the day... Have a great afternoon,  till then...


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