Will be sending book cover today.

Will be sending the book cover for Part 2 today. The scanner will be of higher quality, and show much more of the details that needs to be shown. There are burning embers in the air around the two characters doing battle. On my two scans, it does not show them in good enough quality, and perhaps with the other scan it may bring out more color.

Today I must blow out my gate. It is still frigid cold minus 16 or so out there, so I will try to be fast. There is not much news on the book front. Dog Ear said it would be 6 weeks before they contact me again, for any information about the book. It may have to do with the corrections. This manuscript was at around 65 000 words. It cost me .02 cents times the 65000 subtracting first the 53000 limit for the package. An extra 250 or so  dollars...  For corrections.. Oh well, you cannot always win! As they did give me a 10 % rebate for a returning author.  With the rebate applied, it did actually save me a little money.. Thank goodness. Till then...


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