Welcome South Korea!

Nice to get a visit from South Korea! We all hope, that the North will someday become a democracy. With the recent change of power, hopefully better relations will result. But, we must hold our breath for now, and keep hoping.

Worked today, 12 hour shift. Not much new on the book front. No time for doing any work, which is unfortunate.

Tonight, I tried some goolash. It is good, for a change, but we did it with eggnoodles and hamburger. Some tomatoes, celery, and the spices in the goolash package was all natural. Nutmeg, ginger, garlic, celery, and dill, to name a few spices. Fennel spices in there as well, and fenugreek, caraway, which are some spices that I am not accustom to.

It almost tasted like, hamburger helper, but without the MSG. We hear allot in the news, about MSG at times, that it is not healthy, and maybe it is a food preservative. It is found in allot of Chinese dishes in some Chinese restaurants around here. You can ask for no MSG in your food...

Well, tonight I will relax, as another 12 hour shift comes tomorrow. It snowed here in Northern New Brunswick today, around an inch or so. The weather is mixed somewhat, as it did feel like freezing rain for a part of the day.

I hope you all have a Super night, I will try to be back here tomorrow or Monday.. Till then..


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