A visit from the Czech Republic!

This is the first time I got a visit from the Czech Republic. Another great hockey nation! Thanks for visiting.

Today it is minus  17 Celcuis.  The dog went out this morning for her regular pee, and it did not take her long to run back into the house to the door. We shaved off her hair a bit, so I think she feels the cold a little faster now. Her coat was long and shaggy, so much she could hardly see out of her two eyes. We got her a nice brush cut, but maybe too short for to be outside for too long. She stays in the house most of the time.

Will have to work on Part 2 a bit today as well. Over 2/3 rds done, it should chug along rather smoothly. I am thinking, by Monday it should be all ready to go. Earlier, I am not sure, but it could be done a little faster as well. But it is better to take the long, or the worst case, scenario.  I was thinking I better take my time, just in case I want to do some minor adjustments, and to make sure it flows well.

I have to work for someone tonight, which cuts my time off by 12 hours. It is something that, I have to do, as we need to replace the workers that go off sick or have other urgent business at hand. He will work my shift, return the favor, by next week. It is nice, as it gives me a day off the following week when there is less time for me. They are called mutuals. Just agreements between the workers. This is the reason I may put the date for Monday, for a launch to start the process of the print.

I was told by Dog Ear, that a lower publishing package may suit, just for a book of poems. I am thinking there in the price range of 1200 to 1700, for a book of poems.  My package will probably be 3500, this time again. I will talk to the representative, as my web page is already designed. I do not need 2 web pages, or two shopping carts, and it may save a bit of money. The original web page will serve for the link for Part 2 as well.

Well, I will let you go for now. I need to shovel a little snow out of the driveway, then work on Part 2 again. Have a great day,  till then...


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