Update on Part 2. Rise of the Market Overlord

Just nearly done half of correcting, and fine tuning Part 2. By next week, I will be finished probably around Thursday, if things go well. I will call Dog Ear Publishing, to work out the details of how about to go about this again. Friday, I may scan and then e mail the cover page. It has to be a scanner with over 300 dpi.

If things run late, maybe Monday, will be the latest date to get things going. I mailed the last CD,  and may mail it again, as this takes about 9 days to get there. This process will take, probably 4 months to get the copy out. It should be a little faster this time, as there was times when communications were lacking between myself and the publisher. At times, I went through a week waiting for a response, when they did not receive any corrections that I approved. And, they have to wait, for my approval. Sometimes, they think I am busy going over the material, but it is just that the e mails sometimes go through without the attachments.  The problem I had, was the file was in a different format at times, or the file was too big for the attachment. I had to send some files separately, which I was not familiar with.

Well, will be working tomorrow. And the next 3 days. I hope you all have a good night, I will try to blog a bit as the time permits.. Till then..


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