Thinking about a contest for my books.

I was thinking about having a small contest for to win a book, on this website here. I am not sure how to go about it yet, or how to arrange it. I think it would have to be a time between a certain hour or two, or a day. I would receive e mails, and from there, randomly chose an e mail. Or, I could just ask a question, and depending on how it is answered, give a prize.

Not being a book mogul yet (maybe never will), I could only give a few prizes. This is, so far, a money losing venture for me. Good thing I still got a day job. People who answer the question would have to give their address on where to send the book. An autographed copy! Wow! It could go Antiquarian!

I will decide, if it is better to do so close to my Part 2 Rise of the Market Overlord release, or to do it a bit earlier. I am still debating this. But, one thing is for certain, I will figure it out. Well, night shift was pretty good last night. I found a piece of equipment that was not running right, and got the mechanic to fix it. Good thing, cause the other piece of equipment was broke. It ran good all night long. Time for bed,  have a great day.. Till then.


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