Sometimes you just cannot win

Sometimes you just cannot win. I played some auction 45 today, and lost twice. I was not getting any fives, and only a few Jacks and other cards were not enough to produce a victory. The other team was hitting, getting the cards we were going on, and putting us down quite often.

It is either you hit, or miss. Luck is like that. Maybe tomorrow, the cards may turn, and we may win again. I do not get frustrated at cards, as I know it is a game of chance. There is some small details, that can however, produce better results. If you think someone is bluffing, and then set them down. If you have good setting cards, you can let the team bid and watch them fall. But, I do find, there is some instances where the luck is totally against you, and the house of cards fall down. It is a great game.

I remember an old an that used to play with us. He would go 120 for 60, on just a five. Most of the time, he would make it. If you take the odds of making it, it is actually probably 50 %? I am not sure. Depends what is in your partners hand, and your opponents. All I know, is that he was a high bidder and did well at the table. He is not with us, unfortunately, any more, but his bids are still in my mind and my heart.  Every time my back is against the wall in cards, I think of him and, sometimes, bid hard.

Have a good day,  till then..


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