Some miraculous phone calls made to me today!

I had quite the calls today at home. Who said I was not well connected. The Pope called me directly from the Vatican. Said he needed a copy of The Supermarket Guy, to solve the problem of world peace. I answered, the answer can be found, in there.  Then, Barack called me from the White House. Said he needed some advice on how to solve the unemployment situation in the United States. I said, read till the ending, the answer is also there! After thinking that I got enough phone calls today, another call popped up. It was Kim Kardashian, she wanted an immediate answer to solve her loneliness. I said without hesitation, the answer is right there, use the book as a good night companion to your lonely nights. Reading can substitute for a person, during quiet times :)

Ok, so I stretched the phone calls a bit. I actually got one phone call from someone who phoned the wrong number... Oh well... Nice to dream..  But, to be quite honest, without reading Part 1, Part 2 will not be that fun. Hope you all have an imaginative night,  till then....  


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