Snow tomorrow again!

Snow tomorrow for Northern New Brunswick. Today, was at work, and things went fairly smoothly. Tried to send a few JPEGs of my book cover to Dog Ear, but it probably did not turn out that well.

I will check with them soon, to see if I can send them another, better quality book cover. It had to be over 300 DPI at one point, but maybe their criteria has changed as well. I got this one done at Staples, and they said they had over 600 DPI, but I still found allot of the color did not come through on my computer. I may have to try again at a printing specialty shop, this time for 36 dollars.  At staples, the cost was 6 bucks for the CD, as they could not e mail to my representative the pictures. At the shop, they will e mail it after a perfect scan. Just that the other day, their pro was out on business..

I will try again, Thursday... Besides that, not much on the news with the books... Have a great night, till then..


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