Snow and freezing rain this morning!

Coming home from work, the roads were snow packed, and we had some freezing rain. The temperatures are exposed to be near 0 C today, in Northern NB.

A guy at work, told me his favorite scene in the Part 1 of The Supermarket Guy, was the cougar scene! It is in the first chapter. The cougar scene just had to be made. Maybe there is a cougar in your little area of the world, out there somewhere! Maybe they are more tamer, than the one in my first chapter! This one as depicted in the book, is pretty wild, and chases after her prey pretty relentlessly. It had to give the character his certain quirkiness, yet to give him other abilities. I think it was a good trail for him, to see what he was made of. If he could resist the temptation, or not.

And then, further more through the book. I will try to finish part 2 today, in corrections. I will have to sleep half of the day, as I am burned out!

I hope you all have a good evening, till then...


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