Russia is now # 1 on this blog!

Russia has surpassed the United States in total viewership on this blog!  Thank you Russia, for your presence on here, and thanks to the USA also! 252 vs 251 views!

Today will be correcting more of Part 2. The weather seems to be a little milder out here today, but overcast. It is minus 10 C so far today, here in Northern New Brunswick.

I may check at the bookstore today to see if I sold any books. Last week I sold out, but this time it may take about the same time or a bit more to sell any books. The neighbor blew my driveway the other day, I will have to get him something for that. It is just, that I repaired his snow blower a few days ago, so he repaid the favor, but he continues to blow my gate when I am at work. So, I can go over and get him a bottle of Crown Royal whiskey!

Maybe that will take the cold away from around his house!.. Have a good day, we will talk later, till then..


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