Rise of The Market Overlord!

The Rise of the Market Overlord. The publisher is going to send me, on Feb 2nd (Giving they still have electric power in Indiana by that time), the body of the text. This is incredible. Very fast, efficient. I am anxious to pour over it again, to see what the copy editor has found in disagreement to my hillbilly dictionary.

I knew I was ahead of the game, by giving my book cover on the onset of the books publication. This greatly helps the process, probably by weeks. How many authors, have the cover waiting, sitting under a few feet of dust in the house!  Only yours, truly!

This book again, deals with much of todays issues. Competition. Trying to survive. Being savvy, and trying to get into that niche market where everyone wants to be. Dirty tricks, and rebounding through perserverance. It will be interesting how well it does in the Relevance rankings throughout Amazon. Good bless them!  Especially the UK!

Where my Part 1, is still number 1, for total Dog Ear books (2000 and counting), for the last several months. I wonder if it is, or was a record. If it is, I wonder if it sounds goood!  Well, time to go. I hope you all have a great day.. Till then!


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