Preparing Cover art, authors bio, books summary.

All done. The cover of the book, the artwork, is done. My authors biography, is already done, but minor changes needed. I really wished someone else would have done it for me. The books summary, hopes to catch the main focus of the book, but it would not hurt to have a few comic phrases to it. With Part 1, I thought I done this masterfully, but, maybe not.

The books summary, sometimes is hard to hit the right combination. It should be honest, and it should portray the main story of the book. It should not reveal too much of what happens inside, either. An author cannot give away the ending, or risk giving too much information about how some major scenes turn out. It has to be 450 words, as Dog Ear requests. Also, my Bio is the same length.

My wife read the summary, and she seemed to like it very much. I may not change it at all. That will be my major problem, for now. Thinking too much, maybe, of how to change things for the better, which may result for the worse... Have a great night,  till then..


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