No great book reviews yet!

Waiting for one brave heart to review my book! Talk about, a long wait. Only on one site, I seen a review of a five on five. I thought by now, someone from amazon would have reviewed it.

They say never pay for a book review. I don't think it is the thing to do, either. There are 5 people on goodreads that are going to read it,  but their lists are super long. This means they may only get to my book within a year or so. Incredible.

I would love to review my book, but I cannot. It is against the rules of chivalry. I am not a person to take a review by heart. If it is bad, a .oo1 on five, then so be it. I will just hunker down, and not write anymore. It will be the sure avenue to get into some other kind of business. Maybe join the circus.

Well, time to drink a beer, then go to bed. Have a great night, till tomorrow ;)


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