Minus 27 C this morning in Northern NB

It is cold out there. The dog will only go out to have her pee, and will not even roll in the snow, as she usually does. The mosquitos are up to their legs in frost!

Beautiful sunrise, though, and the bay will probably freeze over. Many people are hoping so, as they want to get their little smelt shanties on the bay, to fish for the king of the sea. The mighty smelt!

Smelts are good. Some people cook them whole, and eat them with the head on. The guts too. At home, we usually clean them removing the guts, and then taking off the head. We wash them, and then put flour on both sides, and a little salt and pepper. We fry them in oil, on a skillet, or you can go fast and use a deep fryer. Some people laugh at all the work we do, to clean the smelts for eating. As, some just pop them in the oil. Depends on what you like.

The smelt, the king of the sea! Some people have nice smelt shanties. A stove, nice pictures up, and fridge, electricity, and nice reclining chairs, and television.  There is a small hole in the bottom for the fishing poles  to drop their lines down into the water. Some people will use spears, and leave a white background under the bays bottom, to enable to better see them to spear them. A rare time, maybe a seal may pop out of the hole to visit the fishermen. It is good when you have allot of people there, and you can play cards while someone can just fish.  The smelt, the king of the sea!  Till then...


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