A minus 1 day here in Northern New Brunswick

Minus one today for Northern NB. Today, will be working on Part 2, as well as tomorrow. My book of poetry, is complete in my eyes. I will ask, Dog Ear Publishing, how much do they charge, for The Supermarket Guys, book of poetry. I do not see it being an expensive endeavor, and it would be nice to launch two books at once.. Or would it? Hum.  I am told poetry books do even worse than, fiction books.

I will e mail Dog Ear today, to see if any changes are in their contract. Their contract, is around a two page form, where I keep the rights to the book. If I want to stop publication, at any time, I can haul the files away from them and store them in my vault forever... If a problem arises between them and I, they rather it go to a mediation panel before getting the lawyers out.  So far, I had no problems.  I will be talking to a representative today or tomorrow, trying to get more facts on the matters at hand.. I hope it all goes good...

And, I wish you all a very successful day, in whatever affairs come as they may!  Till then....


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