Got an advertisement through the e mail for an Apple I Pad 2.

Honestly, I was waiting for the I Pad 3 to come out... We all know someone who has one. They think they own the next hottest gadget. They have been out for a good while... I thought to myself, what is the great advantage over the greatest machine to ever come on the market. At least in my opinion, The Labtop computer!

The I Pads functionality. Try to explain me that. They say it is light, and thin. You can take it anywhere. It takes, apple software, apple products. Which, is great. Alright, then there is the other generic brands out there. That take Microsoft, and the other programs apple does not use.  You have a touch screen, as all of the cell phones are much like this now. You can haul up a screen to start typing, at the expense of losing allot of the screen view. A few inches of screen left to look at. I would be afraid to dirty this touch screen with my hands at times. It appears to be more of a polish job, than anything. I would say there will always be a market for these tablets, as people will always find a use for them. You can haul them into the bed, take it anywhere... Just like a labtop, might I add. And, Labtops are becoming lighter and lighter, also, all the time. I can adjust the back of my labtop to any angle, for viewing.. Without using my hands continuously for viewing!

The first time the I Pad tablet came out, I immediately thought, what a great marketing gimmick by Apple. It does certainly look futuristic. It has allot of apps.  Like the rest of the field, also. I will always love what is the best computing device ever made, which is, the Labtop. Small, light, tons of memory, long battery life, and a keypad right there ready to use. You can get the keypad dirty on a labtop, too! Your screen will stay clean, as long as you do not spit in it! Oh, and all those book readers out there. Very nice, but can I also read a book on my labtop?  Are we duplicating technology, allot these days?  Maybe it is nice to keep all the books separated on a E reader, than on your labtop computer. It is nice, though, as it is the size of a book.

To all those tablet users out there, do you need to buy a stand for to watch the movies while laying in bed? Do you need to buy an add on, keyboard, if you need one. For how much.. maybe these add ons  are twice the cost of a Labtop... Alright.. Well, I am still waiting for the next gadget to replace, the Labtop.. The next greatest computing device, is through sound recognition. But for now, I will take a labtop ( ultra thin, lots of battery, lots of memory, and processing speed)  with a separate touch keypad and With A Touch viewing screen! That would be awesome!  A touch screen for the keyboard base, the touch viewing screen for the top! Switch viewing screens, any time. Switch typing screens, anytime! Hear that, Computer designers! Oh, it is probably already on the market already! But, no doubt the tablet is here to stay. Some people, will find a functionality for them, I guess. Everyone has a preference... Like snowboarders to skiers... Till then...


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