Good morning world!

Yesterday got equal visits from Russia and the United States! Russia is now number one visitor on this blog! Thanks for coming over to you all. I sent the newest book cover, the other day to Dog Ear Publishing. It was sent at 400 DPI, at 9 or so MB. We tried at 600, but it bounced back, that perhaps they could not receive a 15 MB file..  But maybe something went wrong on our end. I talked to the graphics people, and they were satisfied with the 400 DPI book cover. It cost the same as staples did, at 6 bucks. This time, they e mailed it instead of putting it on a disk.

I figured, that maybe the person at staples did not know how to run the machine, as it was at 99 DPI, when it arrived at Dog Ear. So, I lost 6 bucks... I will go back and just talk to the people there, as their people should be trained properly also. I blame it on the management, if anything. They sometimes hire people, and this happens everywhere, where they are not trained enough on the machines settings. They just need a little more training. That is it. Problem solvo.

Exposed to snow here today. Then a big storm for Tues. / Weds... Has been 5 days since I sent away Part 2, already. Time flies. It is hard to believe that it does take 5 months to publish it. All that needs to be done, you would think, is the proofreading, the grammar, and presto. A little bit of glue, cardboard... Oh but, what do I know.. All I know is time passes by fast.. Soon will be on the shelves.. Have a great day, till then..


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