The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo

Just watched The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo... Very good show, I give it a 4 on 5. There is some sexual explicit scenes in it, just as a warning to those sensitive eyes. Good writer, this Steig Larsson, and I did not know he passed on in 2004. He left a great series, and allot of science fiction writing as well. Some parts were fast and a bit hard to follow, but of course, things smooth out in the end and the characters show their true selves in the end.

My book is done as best as I probably can get it. I will call tomorrow, and decide tomorrow whether or not to continue my dab into writing. It is difficult, but as I have indicated earlier, it probably will be my last try. Just that the success of Part 1 has been an under achiever, thus far. It is probably due, to my writing style. Or, due to poor advertising. It is one or the other. Even though people that have read it, seem to give me much praise. But, if it was to do good, it should have created its own undercurrent by itself..

Well, time to watch the Peoples choice award. If I was there, I would fling into the crowd several copies of my book! Give them all something to chew on... Have a great night,  till then...


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