A foot of snow!

Woke up this morning with a foot of snow. What did we know?

I see the neighbors are already up, blowing it. I soon will have to get out the old machine and start chugging away at it. Another storm headed here for Mon-Tues. The snow mobiles will have allot of base now for their tracks.

Besides that, I wrote a few letters to some more literary agents. I did not overly ask for representation, but just said a few kind words, and presented as to who I am.

No bites on the lure yet. But isn't that life is all about. Fishing.  Fishing for that job, fishing for that special person to spend your lifetime with, or that story that will finally warm a persons heartl. Everyone, casts their line out to the sea. Sometimes you catch the passing fish, sometimes it is not a big one. I remember myself, sitting out on a sunny day on the Bay of Chaleur, casting in the sunset, looking to catch a mackeral. My arm sometimes, would be slightly wore out, and my shoulder feeling a bit numb, after cast after cast of nothing hauled to the shore. Sometimes you would spend the whole night, hauling up seaweed. Sometimes, life can be like seaweed... Although, some nights I hauled in 20 mackeral with my rod...

I watched the move, The Big Fish, by Tim Burton. I must say, it was a good show. It was indeed far fetched, but you could see an understanding in the end made by the show. It was very interesting, yet, far fetched. I never wanted to watch this show, as I figured it was a show of puppets or something. I avoided it for as much time as I possibly could, until the wife rented it one evening. I just found the cover not very appealing.  I am sorry I did not watch it earlier... It was, definitely a learning experience, sometimes sad, but fun to watch...

If it is one thing to remember in life, is everyone, I think everyone, is after that elusive Big Fish.. Have a good day,  till then..


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