Drove through freezing rain this morning.

It was freezing rain this morning, and the roads were slippery. Especially the side roads. It was worse than a skating rink in some places, as the gloss of wet rain over ice, made traction very treacherous. I put the truck in four by four, and headed home. I drove much slower than usual, and the schools and colleges were closed.

It will change to rain today,  then back to the cold weather on Wednesday. Working night shift, last night burned me out. I am on burn out again! You just do not feel good after a night shift. Your body wants to stay up during the day, but you eat when you get home, so it does not help the situation that much...

I am just glad in a way, that I did not have to blow out the gate today. My neighbor who got up to work this morning also said that the freezing rain is better than snow for only that reason. I hope you all have a Super day, Till then..


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