Corrected 1/3 of Part 2 thus far.

Corrected 1/3 rds of the Rise of the Market Overlord. I find this one a bit more challenging, but it is coming together fairly well. I added 10 pages just, in that 1/3rd of corrections.

The thing is, the dialogue gets a little more refined. The comedy that I did not like, I removed, and replaced some of the parts that were a little mundane. I thought, why did I put that or certain things, in certain places. I had to remove some spacing, and allot, allot, of spelling errors. Incredible, when, you write as fast as I, sometimes do.

Well, this will definitely take me into next week sometime to finish. Then, to the publishing stages. I will be going through it again, step by step, as much as possible, with you all on here. This will be again, with Dog Ear Publishing, as they were the company that produced my first work.

No contract is signed yet. This maybe done, next week. For now, I need to take a break. I like to rush to the finish line, but, it only creates more mistakes. I know this is what happens, as you look and go back to try to correct, and recorrect, then miss stuff. Back, then slowly lose patience. Patience is a virtue. I already worked 6 hours on it, time for a rest.  Have a great night, till then...


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