Cashing a check from the USA costs me just as much as my payment!

Got an old payment from Dog Ear Publishing. It was approximately 6 dollars... Wow.

And, the check was at first accepted, at the bank. Stamped, then rejected. The teller then gave me the story, in french, that it cost more to cash the check than to get the money. She asked if they could issue a Canadian check to me, instead of an American. New to this arena, I went to a different bank. They told me the scoop, that there was to be no charge for these checks.

So, very interesting. A teller telling me, it costs 7 dollars to cash a 6 dollar check. Lord have mercy. So, now I will have to figure this out. I need to go back there, and talk to someone higher up. The check is stamped, twice, so it is no good now. That 6 bucks is in the twilight zone, right now. Not that I really care, right now. But if this is the case, I will try to get the publisher to give me a yearly payment. This should take care of the erroneous charge of 7 bucks. I am glad the teller told me, at any rate... But. But. But.. Another bank told me there is no charge on international checks... I thought international money transfers should be pennies... Oh well... What do I know.. All I know is the beer is cold right now, and that I better drink it before it gets warm... Till then..


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