Blog is up 2.7 % over the best month ever!

I did not believe that this month I would have surpassed last months total. For the second last week, I had low visitation to my blog. Thus, I believed I would finish 5 to 10 % less than the previous best month. I was wrong, as usual. Just like a talk show host, you always wonder when your show is going to go south and taken off of the air!

Went to play bowling ( the big ball bowling), with some family members. The second time, I did allot better reaching 90 or so. I beat most of the family, as they were not used to it. Neither was I. Poor score too, I thought. As, the father in law scored 160, then 180 in the second game. That is pretty much getting a strike, every time he threw, or a spare. He did not miss getting a strike too often. Some people asked if he wanted to play in the league. He threw at 30 mph. I threw at 22 mph average. It shows the speed of the throw, which is quite impressive. It was such a long time that I played, that I did not even realize that it kept score automatically for the players. Last time I played, I was in my teens. And it was candlepin bowling ( the small balls). I sometimes get that feeling, when you play allot of games, of the right side feeling stiff. I wondered if this was normal, as well. Maybe if you played allot, you would not feel that at all. Some of the family noted, that maybe one side would build up stronger than the other side... Maybe.. I dunno..

All I know is, bowling is something I doubt if I have time to get good at. You probably have to put some time into it. I was never a great bowling maniac. I just go for fun. My time, is usually for weight training, and I have a hard time doing that these days. Maybe tomorrow... Well, time to go.. Have a great night.. Till then.


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