Blew out my fathers gate today!

I got my snow blower running at my gate, then at my fathers to clear out the snow. My 12 hp snow blower throws the snow 50 feet across the yard. When buying a snow blower, as I know this, from on now I will make sure the impeller is large. The larger the impeller, the farther the snow will be thrown. This helps not to blow the snow twice when blowing. I know my dads little 8 hp is good for a small storm of 10 to 15 cm, but he wants snow removed in a large area of 80 feet across in one way. This was a storm of 25 or 30 cm. By putting my blower in the middle of the stretch, and blowing to the right then the left, I can clear the snow on the banks so I do not have to blow it again. I will miss my 12 hp blower when it finally rusts and falls apart, as all things do.

It is nice to blow snow, when you got the time to do it. Lately, I had the time. Not working, for a change.

As far as the book is concerned, there is no news there. The only thought I have on it for the last little while, is that there is allot of Vampire and Werewolf,  Horror, and Sci fi books out there that are doing well. If I would have made my main character have an avaricious appetite for flesh (Nevermind the blood), then my book would have went good, perhaps. The thing that I wonder about, is are these new vampire books and series really as good as the old originals, like Bram Stokers. One time Vampires were to be feared. When watching todays shows, they are cute and cuddly. And, the werewolves seem to have more power than them when there is a full moon out. Very interesting, and I am not sure if that is how it was written in the past. It sure ruined my ideas of Vampires. Oh well. How long will the fad continue.. Till then..


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