Back from Parents place during New Years!

I spent two days at my Parents, for the New Years Eve and Day yearly visit. I cooked a ham, boiled it first for 2 hrs and a half, then put it in the roaster for another 2 hours. The glaze for the ham, was a tsp of mustard, a half tsp of tumeric, a quarter cup of brown sugar, a cup and a half of water, a quarter cup of the ham juice ( it was salty, I could not use much).  But, it turned out good. I was, quite amazed by myself. It was not sugary, as allot of ham glazes are sugary or maple in taste, if using maple syrup. I liked the less sugar taste, more mustard taste better.

I was working night shifts during this time. I, am burned out. In French, do they call it, brule?  I suppose if it was a creme brule, it would really mean a person is right toasted right out of her, with no energy left to keep your eyelids open. I am brule. Sleeping only 4 hours a day, for the past 2 days. I hope I can catch up on my sleep today.

I need to get back into correcting Part 2, Rise of the Market Overlord. It seems so far to be going good, and hopefully will continue that way. When I work nights, I rarely get much done during the day. I am zonked out of er.. Till then..


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