Another snow storm tomorrow!

A great snow storm coming tomorrow! A 25 cm, so they say, for real this time, for Northern New Brunswick. The ski dooers may have a chance to get out there and do some sailing over the sea of white fluff! I will have to go out and start snow shoeing. I used to downhill ski, but these days I usually never have time to go. Maybe a part of myself is a bit lazy.

Seen my book at a few more internet book sites, and internet news. But, that is about all. No news, no movement, to cheer about. I may draw out the front cover or Part III, of The Supermarket Guy. I will draw three main characters on the front. Two nemesis, and the main character on the front between the two. I need to place other bystanders in there as well, perhaps, to magnify the situation they are all in.

I will probably send Part 3 out to the copyright office next week. I do need to write a few end pages, but that should be easy to do. I already got in my mind, after the end ending, so to speak. Well, time to go to bed. I am burned out!  Have a good day! 


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