30 cm of snow today!

Northern NB expected to get 30 cm of snow today. It did not start yet. Did the forecasters get their data wrong, again?

Watched a movie the other day, Johnny English Reborn. It was fairly good, but I would not rate it as high as Dumb and Dumber, or the Naked Gun movies. The gadgets were quite funny in this movie though. It was a spoof of a James Bond, as we all know.

Then I seen "The Last Godfather". I think I watched the first 30 minutes or so, then I left the room. The best part of the picture was Mr. Harvey Keitel. Puts on a great act, no matter what flop he stars in. Too bad he got into this one.  I think this guy is up there with Al Pacino and Deniro. But, if it is for a childrens movie, which I now believe it is, I would rank this film high. I would probably rank it 5 on 5 for a kids movie.

Well, that is good for the movie revues for today. I hope you all have a great day, I need to go recharge the batteries. Till then..


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