136 friends on goodreads.

I now have a 136 friends on goodreads. They come from all over the world. Whenever, I seen the word of Humor in the description of these people, I would ask them for friendship. At first, I was asking anyone to be a friend. I decided to slow it down, and just look for those who read humor to add to my list of friends.

Through those 136 friends, I may talk to 2 or 3. And, maybe a message every 2 weeks or so. Very nice people, to take time out of their busy schedules to help with book problems or find out interests in where I live. At times I message some people out of the 136, and they do not answer back. It is a rare thing, but it does happen. Maybe they are too busy with things, and that is understandable. These people are mostly busy. Very busy, reading, and reading, all the time. I was stuck on a novel aways back, and am only on page 70 of 260 or something. I just got in a rut.  I will try to finish it this week.

Then, there are those people who have thousands of friends. I could have probably done the same. I did see the value in it, but on the other hand, who is to say I will not attain a thousand friends after 5 or 10, 20 years. It is a great thing to have a few thousand friends. How do they have time for them all, in one day? I seen this on facebook as well (Allot of people say I should join Facebook), where the friends are in the 500s. I think it becomes a job, just to go through it every day and look at what everyone is doing today. Some comments are important, others more entertaining. It is also strange to have friends close by, and never meet at the house, but yet they meet on facebook everyday. That is also interesting. Maybe it is a safer way to meet your friends that some people have known in a lifetime..  Well, that is my thought for the day... Hope you have a good one.. Till then..


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