Reviewing the errors.

Subtract one error from below, from the start, as it appeared ok in the end. The other 8 errors found eventually turned into 6 errors. When I went to print off one page, the window pane actually turned into windowpane in a straight printout. It looked warped on the screen, and that was all.

Another is where I had a character asking a question to a person that I thought was the wrong person to ask it to. It appeared in the dialogue that it was alright there, that the main character was actually asking this person to verify something from something said beforehand. Scratch another error.

The other six were things like was discussed below. 'The' for a 'they',  'it' for an 'I',  things that boggled me on how it got past my readings. There were 3 errors that seemingly got past the editor as well.

Now I am awaiting the response from the publisher, to see if they got the scans and that everything is ok. I highlighted the words that were not exposed to be there, and then wrote in the corrections to the side.

The copy should be good now. They will send me it a second time, to go over the last corrections.

Waiting for the second proof.. Till next time..


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