Google going a little better now.

Google friends is getting to be more user friendly for me today. I am actually posting into some forums, and the forums are actually quite active and interesting to boot.

I just discovered the swing around window. You click on a post with a picture, for instance, that someone has shared, and you can click on the upper right hand corner to swing the post around to see the details of the sharing or comments.

The only thing I did not like, was the volume of e mail I was getting from some of these book sites. Just too much, as I tried to change the settings in my main e mail system, it seemed not to do any good. So, I had to use a mute function on the persons wall, to stop receiving mass e mails.

Definitely Google has a great picturesque, or great view of a chat or social network engine. Its pictures are large, it uses two lanes of traffic ( you can adjust this), your homepage can have a huge picture across the top. You can link a business page to your webpage.

I am trying to get used to the hangout features. People you hang with, are probably your friends. You can have a hangout in probably getting them all into one window? Am I wrong. It does appear that way yet I had not tried this function yet at all. It reminded me of ICQ or Mirc for this style of function.

Then there is the notifications you get in the side bar, right hand, as well. Sometimes these are cumbersome, but once you get used to it, I am sure anyone will do fine. I just had a hard time at times linking my conversation with the others, but you can scroll up or down and get there just fine.

I truly think, whether you are Google, Facebook, or Yahoo, that a social network is only as good as the ease of use as it is intended to be. Software designers all want to make things easier to use.

Best thing to do, is set a few people who are not strong in computer literacy, and record how long it takes them to get used to the site. Let them rate how they like the features, and what not. Ask them about privacy matters, and how to protect it online when using their service.

The best companies are the ones that listen to the people. Get their input from a broad range of testers. It is always the way to a successful product.

Till next time..


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