Book business stagnant the last little while.

No news on the book front so far. Only good news is that I have 132 people saying they will read my Part 3 on Goodreads. This was up from only 10 or so for Part 1 and with 80 or so for Part 2. Now Part 3 is on the back pages as this giveaway is old, and the hits are getting less and less over time. It will only rebound once the giveaway is nearly over, which will appear on a front page of the site later on.

Problem is, that many of these people have 100s, or at least a thousand books ahead of mine for reading. They will get to my book in a few years. It takes a long time, to get some reviews.

I may work on part 4 of "The Supermarket Guy" in the next few weeks, but it all depends on how much work is involved in going through Part 3, checking for errors again and what not in the first proof.

If sales do not occur for Part 3,  I will have to maybe get into a different business of sorts. The self publishing business is harsh, and only a few books of the many break out and do very well.

The good news is that I will not rest. I will try some different tasks in the near future, and expand out my horizons. I may take up a different hobby too, as I have an new guitar here in a closet somewhere...

Oh, and the bean pods have arrived in Northern New Brunswick. I picked a good 10 lbs, and we cooked quite a bit of them today. Drizzled with salt, butter, with garlic honey chicken on the side... The bean pods are doing very well in this part of the planet....

Till next time..


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