More insight into the making of "The Supermarket Guy 3"

Part three is approximately 308 pages long. This is more writing than I have ever done before. Part 1 was 200 pages, and Part 2 was nearly 232 pages long.

The lead off is a little more serious in nature, but then it gets back to the humor part of it all. There was a reason for the seriousness at the first, and it was to bring the element of religion into the humor part of the book. It was something that I pondered about in taking an angle as such, but in the end it does work out to what if religion or someones beliefs could go the wrong way, then what would happen, kind of scenario.

Also, you will see some duplication in matters. 2 things happen several times in the book. This was purposely done, as to create these links in the book from one area to the other.

The main character does swear "He will never again" do this or that, but at certain segments of the book, does he stick to his guns?

I do believe the book does compliment Part 2 very well, and takes off much seamlessly from that part as well. Part 1 was the Genesis of the whole thing, which is more of a sprouting kind of novel than big problems the main character must deal with today.

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